You Belong

We are family, and that means everybody works together,

each at their own pace with their own personalities!

What do you see yourself doing? We want you to be a join in!

These are a few areas that you can get involved...

Bible Class

Go deeper into the Bible at 9am on Sunday mornings in

one of our classes. We have a variety of classes offered,

depending on the subject you would like to study.


Worship Ministry

Help make the worship experience amazing

by singing with worship team, praying,

serving communion, assisting with audio/video.

Children's Ministry

Serve kids aged 9 months through 6th grade in a safe,

fun environment and help shape the future of the church.

Guest Relations Ministry

Be a part of the team that welcomes people into our church home.

Women's Ministry

Women from all walks of life serving and growing in faith together. Click on the tab at the top

"Just For Ladies" to see the latest information!

Prayer Warriors

Join every Tuesday night at 4:00 for a time of prayer