Our Mission

We are a church family that embraces people of all ages and all ethnicities, bringing us all together as one body. We know nobody is perfect, and we accept you just as you are! We do not ask you to fix yourself before coming, just as Jesus loves us as we are.

Our hope is that we are a congregation equipped to be a light in the community, willing to reach out and help those around us, and be an example of Jesus to everybody we come in contact with. The Church is not a building, but a group of people purposefully choosing to follow Jesus. We strive to to grow spiritually and grow together, encouraging one another, through this journey of life.

Our History

Magnolia Center Church of Christ has been in Riverside for over 100 years, and we have been at our current location for over 60 years. We are always working to improve our building, as well as the function of our church, embracing the changing times as they come.

We have many members that have been a part of this church their entire lives or the entire life of the Church. We also have new members that have joined the family along the way. We are excited to be ever-growing and loving on new and long term faces!