Welcome to a Place to Start Life Over

We understand going to a new church can bring some anxiety...

so we lay it out here what you can look forward to

in order to help you better enjoy your time.


MagCenter Church

6160 Riverside Avenue
Riverside, CA 92506

Start Time

9 am Church Parking Lot


There is parking off of Sunnyside Drive

Just walk through the doors located

by the parking lot and one of our

greeters can help you from there.

Worship Service:

Service starts with a song of acapella worship

Announcements are made

A few more songs

Communion all together

A time of giving our tithes and offerings

Children are dismissed to classes

We listen to a message from our minister

A response time when our elders and women leaders are available for you

We hope you to feel "at home" and comfortable when you come. See you Sunday!