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Prayer Confidential


Let me get off drugs marijuana alcohol LSD and crack help me get control of my life my situation to be better or better person and to be prepared for my future I have two kids Marvin Gaye Thompson and Antonio demarcus Thompson Antonio is in prison and Marvin is about to be your father and he really needs a job he really needs to be employed understands me my wife and we start to get along better and we don't let anybody else stay with us you don't need the trouble and the distractions because we are trying to move our lives towards a better thing help me just get in control of everything make it the best out of bad situation thank you God and the mighty name of Jesus I pray and ask you these things amen


Praying for my dad with dementia who had a stroke. Praying for a safe rehab and long term care facilities


I’m having surgery Wednesday prayers for the Surgeon gets everything out, prayers for my sister coming to care for me from out of town, prayers for my daughters not to be scared or worried.


My niece, Wyndi Gaskin, in Florida now has SVT - SuperVentricular Tachycardia which is affecting her heart. And has been warned that she may get Covid19 again, and her body might not be able to fight this time. Prayers needed!