Our Staff

The staff here at Magnolia Center is a dedicated group of individuals that give their whole heart to what they do. They all have a passion for their job and it shows in the excellence of their work. God has given each one a gift that is demonstrated in the area they work, and God has blessed us to have them be a part of the success of our church.

Ginger Ditmore

Ginger Ditmore is our Ministry Assistant. She serves the Lord in her job by handling all the business matters as well as the needs of the congregation. She has made new improvements in the main office and throughout the church. She works closely with our minister, elders, deacons, and other staff members. We are pleased to have her a part of our team. She can be reached at ginger@magcenterchurch.com

Daisy Jones

Daisy Jones is our key operator. She handles the building so that for every event and service, the doors are open and ready to welcome people in. She is such a helpful hand.