Our Missionaries

We support several missionaries and love to watch them as they do the work of the Lord! We are often visited and hear great testimonies of what is happening in other countries. We support Hi Jones and Byron Benitez in GuatemalaPaul Highfield in Kenya and Tanzania, Dwaine Himes in Guatemala, , Richard Kaiser in Ghana, World Bible School of Tulare County, and Jedidiah Anarfi in West Africa.

               Path OF life

Path of Life Ministries is a 501c3 organization, serving the City of Riverside since 1998.  We have become a premier non-profit service agency committed to meeting the needs of the community by serving the greater Riverside area’s homeless, challenged youth and family population.

Our strategy is to provide a holistic system of care provided in an integrated, seamless manner to individuals and families, leading them from a place of crisis to a life of stability and self-sufficiency. Our commitment to partner with community organizations and agencies contributes to a holistic, community based solution that improves the social, economical and spiritual health and vitality of the impoverished, homeless, and at risk individuals and families in Riverside County.

         Riverside City Mission

We are a unique Mobile Ministry! Our primary focus is feeding the hungry, serving low-income families, senior citizens, and the homeless. All of our life essential services are provided from a mobile platform. Our trucks leave our Resource Center and travel to various service locations such as churches, mobile home parks, low-income trailer parks, and senior centers.

Hi Jones and Byron Benitez

They are missionaries to Guatemala. They teach programs of ITL with biblical counseling and teaching the book of Revelations. They travel back and forth to the states giving their testimonies on what God is doing for them in their missions. We love to hear from them when they come back this way!

Paul and Pam Highfield

They are traveling together to preach the good news! They produce BIblical materials for the Maasai of Kenya and Tanzania, as well as work with foreign students in Springfield, Missouri. They are working towards building churches, working with the Maasai land. He asked for prayers as they are trying to explain the scriptures in the Maasai language. We keep them in our prayers and give them our support!

Jedidiah Anarfi

He is a missionary to Ghana. He loves teaching to all the people he can. He launched teaching in Knutsford University in Accra in March 2017. He hopes to go the shores of west Africa as well. He is a blessing to those cultures and communities. Our prayers and support go out to him!